About Us

Family Resource Network (FRN) programs focus on supporting the whole
family. This includes providing caregivers and parents with skills and knowledge
to strengthen family relationship, teaching children and teens to cope with
trauma and improve child and youth development by building resilience and 

fostering well-being. The FRN works on a "hub" and "spoke" model where each
community in Alberta has a designated Hub who can provide support and
referrals to Spoke program. Some of these programs are offered internally and
some programs are offered by partnered community agencies (external).
Our spoke programs include: 

- YW Family Champions 

- YW Families Forward 

- CARYA: Functional Family Therapy 

- CUPS: Play Therapy 

- The Alex: Young Mothers Pre and Post Natal program 

- Big Brothers and Big Sisters: Teen and Youth Mentorship 

- Kindred: Fathers Moving Forward 

- Kindred: Rapid Access Counselling

Locations Served: Calgary and area

Ages Served: 0-17 years

Areas of Service: 

    • Preschool and Early Intervention Services and Supports
    • Resources and Information

Supports/Programs Offered: 

      • In home supports
      • Parenting workshops 
      • Play therapy -Family therapy 
      • Father support groups/programs 
      • Teen and youth mentorship 
      • Crisis counselling

Meet Our Team

      Marissa Dhunay
      Family Success Facilitator
      Email: MDhunay@ywcalgary.ca

      Kelly Macdonald
      Family Champions Facilitator
      Email: kmacdonald@ywcalgary.ca


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    Agency Website:  www.ywcalgary.ca/programs/family-resource-network

    Agency Phone: (403) 262-0497

    Email:  familynetwork@ywcalgary.ca

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