About Us

WFG is a TransAmerica/Aegon company that offers financial education.

Our vision is to end financial illiteracy. Our scope is broad but on this

platform we will educate you about accessing RDSP's. This is government

funding for families that include children on the autism spectrum. WFG

can help you obtain RDSP's through our product partners McKenzie

Investments and BMO. We can further assist you to process the application

for an RDSP at no charge.

Locations Served: All locations and regions in Alberta

Ages Served: All Families

Areas of Service: Resources and Information

Supports/Programs Offered: 

- Provide assistance filling out the form to obtain an RDSP - Educate families and individuals with how money works - Provide financial literacy to families obtaining government funding - Protecting families - Helping families financially prepare for the future

Meet Our Team

Susan Buchik

      Susan Buchik
      Licensed Agent
      Email: skbuchik@gmail.com


  • Accessing Government Financial Supports During Uncertain Times
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    Book a Meeting:  https://calendly.com/susan_buchik

    Agency Phone:  (403) 836-3274

    Email:  sbuchik21remc@wfgmail.ca