About Us

Prairie Sky is a Calgary-based registered charity that provides customized,

transformational, and life-changing Equine Therapy programs to individuals facing

a range of physical, emotional, and social challenges. 

PSEAT is committed to creating a safe and accepting community where participants

can be themselves while benefitting from direct equine interactions. 

PSEAT will always ensure that each participant finds a place in our herd. 

PSEAT provides on-site learning, riding, and therapy for neurodiverse individuals,

and adults and children with disabilities of all kinds. Our program is led by Vernon

Lundy (CHA-IRD; Level 3 Cognitive Disabilities; Level 2 Physical Disabilities; PATH

Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor (CTRI)), and supported by volunteers,

parents, and generous donors. 

Why Horses?

Equine therapy can help build social skills, communication and language skills, 

improve cognition, and help remodel neural pathways in the brain. 

Riders quickly bond with the horses, which allows them to feel safe, heard, wanted, 

and creates a positive environment that fosters emotional growth. Interacting with 

horses helps build confidence, self-regulation skills, trust, and creates a sense of 


For riders that are physically challenged, equine therapy can provide highly effective


Studies have shown that equine-assisted activities and therapies can improve gross 

motor function, spasticity, muscle symmetry, core strength, posture, and balance and 

gait in individuals with varying disabilities.

Locations Served: Calgary

Ages Served: Ages 4+

Areas of Service: Community Inclusion and Recreation Resources and Options

Supports/Programs Offered: 

- Adaptive Equine Assisted Therapy service involving riding horses with

  customized and individual support, a team of volunteers to assist and 

  work with your child, and horsemanship skills.

- Direct equine interactions that help children develop skills in leadership,

  communication, independence, problem solving, attention, responsibility, 

  and impulsivity.

Meet Our Team

Claire Poulter

      Claire Poulter
      Community Outreach Coordinator
      Email: marketing.pseat@outlook.com

Jill Springate

       Jill Springate
       Community Outreach Coordinator
       Email: sjill96@yahoo.com

Connect With Us

Agency Website: pseat.ca

Agency Phone: (403) 966-4431


           General Enquiries:  Info@pseat.ca

           Adaptive Riding Program: riding.pseat@gmail.com

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