About Us

The Learning Disabilities & ADHD Network is a resource hub dedicated

to supporting individuals with Learning Disabilities or ADHD and those

that live, love, work and play with them. Our aim is to ensure that these 

individuals will have access to the opportunities they need to be successful

and thrive in the Calgary region. 

To that end, we provide an experienced resource navigator to provide advice

and guidance, research-backed information and up-to-date resources on our

website, a monthly e-newsletter and an annual networking/resource event. 

Our website is easily accessible with the ReciteMe accessibility tool which, 

among a number of useful functions, can also translate the entire website 

into over 100 languages to reduce barriers for English language learners. 

It also features an Educators tab specifically for teachers and school 

administrators to improve early identification and facilitate timely, evidence-

grounded interventions. 

The Events Calendar is curated and features webinars, courses and 

conferences from across North America as well as the Calgary region. 

The Network is a collaborative impact group of volunteer professionals that

represent a broad group of organizations across the public, private, and 

nonprofit sectors in the Calgary region united by their passionate commitment

to support those whose lives are affected by Learning Disabilities or ADHD. 

We are here to help! Connect with us today!

Locations Served: Calgary and region

Ages Served: Across the lifespan starting in early childhood

Areas of Service: Resources and Information

Supports/Programs Offered: 

- Personalized guidance from our experienced resource navigator 

- Connections to resources and supports 

- Accurate, reliable and up-to-date information on our resource website 

- Highly accessible website tools for those with Disabilities 

- Monthly e-newsletter with updates

Meet Our Team

Carola Tiltmann

      Carola Tiltmann
      Resource Navigator
      Email: ctiltmann@ldadhdnetwork.ca


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