About Us

Are you looking for a recreation program for your child with behavior and
social challenges? The Enviros Respite Care Connection (RCC) program
may be a good fit.

RCC offers weekend and summer programs for children and youth between
the ages of 6 and 17 who have diagnoses such as ADHD, FASD, autism,
and other conditions that prevent them from participating in, and benefiting
from, neurotypical programs. All activities are held in the community and
designed to provide both recreational and growth opportunities that are
specific to your child’s developmental needs. This allows you to have a break
from parenting while your child participates in positive, developmentally
appropriate activities that are based on their interests.

We also have a program for families who are not yet connected to FSCD
supports, have financial barriers to accessing appropriate recreation resources,
or may be new to Canada and not have a good handle on community resources
yet. Our Connecting the Dots program is open to all kids and a disability is not a

Locations Served: Alberta-Wide

Ages Served: 6-17 years old

Areas of Service: 

  • Community Inclusion and Recreation Resources and Options
  • Respite and Wellness Opportunities

Supports/Programs Offered: 

- weekend programming - PD Day programming - summer, spring, and winter break programming - programs for both neurotypical youth and those with a cognitive
  or social disability
- community, group-based activities
- 3:1 ratio
- FSCD and non-FSCD supported

Meet Our Team

      Tina Cameron
      Supervisor, Respite Care Connection
      Email: tcameron@enviros.org

       Arturo Galapon

       Community Respite Facilitator
       Email: agalapon@enviros.org    



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  • Connect With Us

    Agency Website: https://www.enviros.org

    Agency Phone:  (403) 589-6526

    Email: respitecare@enviros.org