About Us

Cerebral Palsy Alberta supports and enriches the lives of persons with cerebral 

palsy and other disabilities through their programs and services.

Locations Served: Alberta-Wide

Ages Served: All Ages from diagnosis to end of life.

Areas of Service: 

- Preschool and Early Intervention Services and Supports

- Transition to Adulthood Services and Supports

- Community Inclusion and Recreation Resources and Options

- Respite and Wellness Opportunities

- Resources and Information

Supports/Programs Offered: 

- One-on-one support to individuals and families going through the various

stages of diagnoses, acceptance and living with cerebral palsy 

- One-on-one counselling, assistance for funding applications, finding 

   accessible funding, educational decisions and directions, poverty reduction, 

   and goal setting for members 

- Telephone support to members experiencing various forms of crisis 

- Patient support in hospitals and home visits to adults and families 

- Advocating for individuals and families with appeals to various agencies 

  such as Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD), Alberta Aids for

  Daily Living (AADL), Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH), 

  Person with Developmental Disabilities (PDD), employment, school, handi-bus,


- Advocacy training to individuals and family members; support with human rights


- Collaboration with agencies to assist members with community issues, barriers 

  and challenges so they can live a Life without Limits 

- Assisting in the development of local support groups

Meet Our Team

Christy Bangen

      Christy Bangen
      Program & Community Engagement Liaison
      Email: christy@cpalberta.com

Darryl Janzen
       Darryl Janzen
       Social Worker
       Email: darryl@cpalberta.com

Connect With Us

Agency Website: www.cpalberta.com

Agency Phone: (800) 363-2807