About Us

AAFS provides respite care in a social and recreational environment for children, 

youth and adults on the spectrum of Autism; this includes, but is not limited to, 

Autism, Aspergers, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Attention Deficit 

Hyperactivity Disorder and Non-Verbal Learning Disorder. AAFS is both 

dreamt-up and made reality by the youth themselves

Locations Served: Calgary and surrounding area.

Ages Served: 4- 80

Areas of Service: 

    • Transition to Adulthood Services and Supports
    • Community Inclusion and Recreation Resources and Options
    • Respite and Wellness Opportunities
    • Resources and Information

Supports/Programs Offered: 

- Adult Day Program - After School Program - Community Outings (swimming, bowling, movies etc) Clubhouse Nights- Video games, Art nights etc - Specialized Programs- boxing, Skateboarding, moviemaking,

Podcast production and more! - age specific programs

Meet Our Team

      Dean Svoboda
      Executive Director
      Email: dean@aafscalgary.com

Connect With Us

Agency Website: www.aafscalgary.com

Agency Phone: (403) 246-7383

Email: anaik@aafscalgary.com

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