About Us

We Did It! Accessible, transformational learning 


To create accessible, safe, and inclusive environments outside of school

hours by providing unique learning opportunities to Calgary children. We

encourage all children aged 7 to 12 to learn together, laugh together, and

grow together.


We are a group of passionate volunteers supporting the 

philosophy that every child deserves equal opportunities for learning and 

personal growth. We offer programming that promotes integration and 

inclusion for everyone while fostering the needs of children who reside in 

single-parent and low-income households, as well as those with special 



We envision a greater society where dreams and aspirations are realized 

through positive interactions; embracing curiosity, encouraging exploration, 

building esteem and providing valuable skills for life. 

We develop and deliver accessible and affordable programming in a creative 

and engaging environment, regardless of the child's ability, that helps them 

reach their full potential. Our programming stems from three core areas: art, 

culinary and leadership. Art develops a child’s ability to problem solve and 

grow inner self-confidence. Culinary skills are said to enhance a child’s ability 

to develop skills in math, science, and reading skills. And leadership is central 

to self-esteem and serves children well throughout their personal and eventually 

professional lives. This form of programming also plays a role in encouraging 

independence and healthy living.

Locations Served:

Ages Served: 5-10

Areas of Service: Community Inclusion and Recreation Resources and Options

Supports/Programs Offered: 

      • Bi-weekly art classes (both in-person and online)
      • Culinary classes

Meet Our Team

Andrea Martinez

      Ryan MacIntyre (Executive Director)
      Andrea Martinez (Program Coordinator)
      Email: ryan@wedidit.ca

Upcoming Events

  • Valentine's Day Art Class for Kids
  • New Year's Art Class for Kids
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    Agency Phone: (403) 910-6647

    Email:  info@wedidit.ca

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