About Us

CSCO is a non profit agency dedicated to supporting individuals with

diverse needs in building community relationships, by offering opportunity

to realize their recreational, educational and volunteer opportunities.

Locations Served: Calgary

Ages Served: 18 years and older

Areas of Service: 

- Community Inclusion and Recreation Resources and Options

- Resources and Information

Supports/Programs Offered: 

      • Day program support weekdays for adults with
        developmental disabilities.
      • We offer a variety of classes (Clubhouse Connections) that
        are open to adults with developmental disabilities from family
        managed services, other agencies and others that may not
        have PDD funding

Meet Our Team

      Tracy Ralph
      Team Leader
      Email: cscoteamleader2@gmail.com

Connect With Us

     Agency Website:  cscocalgary.com

     Agency Phone: (403) 253-3454

     Email:  csco1@telusplanet.net