About Us

PLAN Calgary is a non-profit organization, whose main objective is to
secure the future of people of all abilities by creating a good life now
and in the future. We help parents and guardians plan for tomorrow by
building community around people of all abilities.

PLAN helps families answer the question: “Who will support your loved
one with a disability when you cannot?” We believe in building a strong
community around people of all abilities by supporting them, their families,
and caregivers to have peace of mind for the future.

We are an asset-based community development organization. This 

means we leverage the strengths of our members, families, and the broader
community to encourage all people to celebrate the gifts and potential that
exist within them. We build connections around families with shared
experiences and raise awareness about the importance of future planning
for people of all abilities.

Since 2000 PLAN families have been working toward the vision of inclusive
communities for all citizens by building Natural Support Networks and 

planning for the good lives of persons experiencing barriers to social inclusion.
As a family-led organization, we support families: a person with a disability
and those who love and care about them.

Locations Served: Calgary and surrounding communities.

Ages Served: 18 - 65+

Areas of Service: 

    • Transition to Adulthood Services and Supports
    • Community Inclusion and Recreation Resources and Options
    • Resources and Information

Supports/Programs Offered: 

We are a Community Development Organization that help families build a 
Natural Support Network around them and their child with a disability.

We partner with members and their families to increase their knowledge 
and create a plan focused on key areas that will create a good life now and 
in the future. 

    • Reviewing options to ensure financial stability for the future
    • Facilitating connections that foster love and belonging
    • Facilitating opportunities to contribute unique gifts in community
    • Exploring mechanisms to ensure empowered and respected decision
    • Exploring and supporting decisions around housing

Meet Our Team

      Lindsay Pierre
      Membership Services and Family Coordinator
      Email: membership@plancalgary.ca


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  • Connect With Us

    Agency Website: https://www.plancalgary.ca

    Agency Phone:  (403) 804-4798

    Email: membership@plancalgary.ca