About Us

The OCYA provides individual and systemic advocacy for children and youth so they

can be successful in their lives and communities. This includes young people receiving

or attempting to access services under the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act 

and the Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act; or who are involved with the youth

justice system. 

The OCYA also provides access to legal representation for young people

receiving child intervention services, offers public education, and conduct investigations 

in serious injuries and deaths of young people receiving designated services.

Locations Served: Alberta-Wide

Ages Served: 0-24 years

Areas of Service: Preschool and Early Intervention Services and Supports;

                               Transition to Adulthood Services and Supports; and 
                               Resources and Information

Supports/Programs Offered: 

                               - Individual or direct advocacy for children and youth,

                               - Education on children's rights and advocacy skills, 

                               - Systemic advocacy and reporting on issues impacting Alberta's young 

                                  people (0 to 24 years),

                               - Legal services for young people involved with Children Services, and

                               - Community engagement and consultation on system issues impacting

                                   young people, families and professionals.

Meet Our Team

Melanie McIntosh

      Melanie McIntosh
      Engagement and Education Lead
      Email: melanie.mcintosh@ocya.alberta.ca


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