About Us

We understand that relationships are complex. At Kindred, we offer a wide of 

range of services including counselling, education, coaching and outreach 

programs that equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to build and

strengthen connections.

Locations Served: Calgary and surrounding areas with some services 

                                 available province wide

Ages Served: All Ages

Areas of Service: 

      • Preschool and Early Intervention Services and Supports
      • Resources and Information

Supports/Programs Offered: 

Strengthening relationships in your family 

- Families Together - 

Family-focused groups that strengthen relationships between

and within families. 

- Functional Family Therapy- 

Counselling for families of youth who are dealing with complex

challenges. Working on personal goals and relationships. 

- Rapid Access Counselling - 

Affordable, single session counselling for individuals, couples,

and families, within Alberta, focusing on goal-based and 

solution-centered approach to counselling. 

- Never Too Late- 

No-cost academic, social and emotional support for adult learners

who want to complete their General Education Development 

(GED). Gaining skills and knowledge as a new parent.

- Parent-Infant Relationship Team - 

Supports parents and carers that are experiencing difficulties in 

early relationships with their infants (0-3years). 

- Expanding Hope - 

Supports young families and their children throughout Alberta, 

particularly in areas of the province where there may be limited

access to specialized services (Alberta wide). 

- Early Parenthood Support at Louise Dean Centre - 

Early Parenthood Support Program as well as support for their

children with the Parent Child Learning Centre including quality

childcare for the students' children (0-4 years) at LDC. 

- Early Parenthood Support in the Community - 

Supports for expecting and parenting young parents (under 30)

who wish to work toward goals assisting them during this integral

stage of their life. We support young mothers and fathers 

(biological, adoptive, father/mother figures) in the Fathers Moving

Forward Program. Collaborating through specialized & referral 

based programs.

- Rapid Care Counselling - 

Timely access to short-term or long-term counseling for people

with lived experience of homelessness. 

- Brief Intervention & Caregiver Support - 

Specialized support for foster, kinship, and adoptive caregivers

to help them provide responsive and trauma-informed care to 

children within Children's Services. 

- Children’s Referral & Evaluation - 

Responsive specialized, and trauma-informed counselling 

support for families, children, and youth under 18 involved with

child intervention services. 

- Healthy Babies Network - 

Network agencies, supported by dieticians, provide responsive

support to marginalized families, connecting parents to network

members for information on raising healthy babies and providing

needed provisions.

Meet Our Team

      Heli Mehta
      Email: heli.mehta@kindred.ca

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