About Us

Getting Ready for Inclusion Today is a long-standing program of excellence,

meeting the diverse needs of preschool children with developmental disabilities

in and around the Calgary area. 

This Alberta Education funded program provides specialized and individualized 

home, community and school based education. 

A team of experienced professionals work in collaboration with parents to provide

an effective and dynamic education experience for your child.

Locations Served: Calgary and surrounding area

Ages Served: 2yrs 8mth up to the age of 6yrs as of the current school year 

Areas of Service: Preschool and Early Intervention Services and Supports

Supports/Programs Offered: 

    • All children that receive PUF funding can only be enrolled in one PUF 
      program and can not combine two programs to reach the mandated
      program hours. 
    • G.R.I.T. works with the family to set up the best possible program for
      the child to meet the required programming hours. 
    • Programming is typically a morning or afternoon program 
    • Program may take place in one of or a combination of 
      • home only - home/ playschool 
      • home`programs and at G.R.I.T. office 
      • daycare or dayhome
      • The days and times, therapy team and CDS assigned to work with
        the family are all part of the intake process and Executive Director
        works with the family to build the program

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    Agency Website: www.gritcalgarysociety.com

    Agency Phone: (403) 215-2444

    Email: paula@gritcalgarysociety.com

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