About Us

Fetal Alcohol Society (FFAS) provides support in all things FASD

(Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) from prevention to intervention

to pregnancy to mental health to assistance and advocacy. Adult 

Response Program – One to one support for adults with FASD.

Individualized according to each person’s needs, this program is 

designed to promote understanding about how FASD can impact 

one’s ability to make decisions and to Foothills offer strategies and 

support that can help access services. Family Response Programs 

– One to one support promoting brain and body-based learning. 

Parent Support Groups using a peer-based support system focusing 

on self care as well as practical coping skills. Advocacy Support using 

FASD Strategists to design effective plans to ensure success. Healthy 

Futures – pregnancy support with risks, lifestyle choices, and 

socioeconomic barriers with a focus on nutrition and health during 

pregnancy, birth, and the transition to parenting and beyond. Recovery 

Support Program – Substance use transition program focusing on relapse

prevention and building resilience. Assessment & Diagnosis Clinic – A 

rural multi-disciplinary clinic that provides families with the support and 

information they need pre, during, and post diagnosis.

Locations Served: Rural areas surrounding Calgary. From Banff to Strathmore

                                 and from Airdrie to Claresholm.

Ages Served: 0-Adult

Areas of Service: 

- Preschool and Early Intervention Services and Supports

- Transition to Adulthood Services and Supports

- Community Inclusion and Recreation Resources and Options

- Respite and Wellness Opportunities

- Resources and Information

Supports/Programs Offered: 

• Adult Support 

• Assessment & Diagnosis 

• Advocacy Support 

• Mental Health Support 

• Prevention 

• Intervention 

• Recovery Support 

• Pregnancy Support 

• Professional Support

Meet Our Team

      Tracy Cuffe
      Awareness and Education Coordinator
      Email: tracy.cuffe@foothillsfas.com

Carlie Nicol

       Carlie Nicol
       FASD Generalist
       Email: carlie.nicol@foothillsfas.com


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    Agency Phone:  (877) 835-1105

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