About Us

We create wealth and estate plans for Canadian families who are supporting

a dependent with disability or an aging parent who is experiencing medical

challenges. Our plans provide guidance on accessing and protecting all forms

of government assistance, offer solutions to address financial vulnerability, 

and create strategies that transcend the generations to ensure a safe, 

comfortable and healthy future for the whole family. 

Audrey Veltri is a 

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® who holds a bachelor’s degree in Business

with a Major in Accounting, the Registered Retirement Consultant designation, 

and is currently working towards her Trust and Estate Planning Designation. 

Audrey leads a full-service wealth advisory practice with IG Wealth Management

where she practices empowered and inclusive finance.

Locations Served: Alberta-Wide

Ages Served: All ages and stages

Areas of Service: Preschool and Early Intervention Services and Supports

                               Transition to Adulthood Services and Supports

                               Resources and Information

Supports/Programs Offered: 

- Accessing Financial Supports 

- DTC Applications

- RDSP Planning

- Protecting Government Funding



- PDD 

- Trusts, Trustee & Guardianship Planning

- Estate Planning

- Tax Planning

- Wealth Management

- Financial Planning Services

Meet Our Team

Audrey Veltri

      Audrey Veltri
      CFP, Certified Financial Planner
      Email: audrey.veltri@ig.ca


  • Disability Planning
  • Disability Services

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    Learn More:  https://linktr.ee/audreyveltri

    Agency Phone:  (403) 253-4840

    Email:  audrey.veltri@ig.ca