About Us

We teach individuals how to achieve healthy relationships by learning the

skills of decision-making, communication and consent.

Centre for Sexuality provides relationship and sexual health education to

roughly 10,000 youths every year through our school based education 

programs. Our WiseGuyz program connects with over 300 young men a 

year and our newly designed program for girls tackles issues like self-esteem,

healthy body image, gender norms and media literacy. 

We train professionals, so they have the comfort and skills to integrate sexual

health into their practice.

Since 2009, our Training Centre has impacted over 35,000 professionals 

working in social agencies, institutions and workplaces, building their capacity

to support safe and inclusive environments for their clients, customers and staff.

We advocate to ensure policies that support healthy sexuality across the 

lifespan are integrated into organizations and adopted by governments. 

Centre for Sexuality is a nationally recognized, community-based organization

delivering programs and services that work to normalize sexuality and sexual 

health across the lifespan. We have been leading the way in the areas of 

sexuality, healthy relationships, human rights, gender identity, sexual orientation,

equality and consent for 50 years in the Calgary community.

Locations Served: All of Alberta

Ages Served: Across the lifespan

Areas of Service: Resources and Information

Supports/Programs Offered: 

Workshops for Parents/Guardians/Natural Supports

- Easier Than You Think: Talking to Kids about Sexuality, Sexual Health

and Relationships 

- Workshops for IPDD Youth: Healthy Relationships and Sexual Health

- Training Workshops for Human Services Professionals across all sectors

on Sexuality, Sexual Health, Gender and Sexual Diversity, Supporting 

- Sexuality for People with Developmental Disabilities 

- Short term one on one support for individuals, couples and families on 

issues related to sexuality, sexual health, relationships, gender and sexual

diversity, birth control, STBBI's, pregnancy options

Meet Our Team

Diana Wark

      Diana Wark
      Parent Programs Coordinator
      Email: dwark@centreforsexuality.ca

Ben Bruce

      Ben Bruce
      Parent Programs Coordinator
      Email: bbruce@centreforsexuality.ca


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    Agency Phone: (403) 283-5580

    Email: dwark@centreforsexuality.ca