About Us

Canadian Companion Services’ mission is to provide unique support services

that promote individual’s wellbeing and social participation with a sense of 

inclusion through activities that stimulate the mind and body. We work with 

families or guardians to develop individualized service plans to meet the client's

needs and goals. 

Canadian Companion Services is an Associate member of the Alberta Council of 

Disability Services (ACDS). 

Our Services: 


This is for clients desiring to have a temporary change of environment in the home

of another family away from their main residence. 

Living Support

This is provided in group home setting and are supervised 24/7 by qualified support 

staff. They assist in goal setting, skill development, activities of daily living, and leisure.

Supportive Roommate 

This provides opportunity for clients to receive customized residential support services

within family environment that fits the client's specific needs and lifestyle. 

Adult Relief

This service is offered on a planned or emergency basis and it is beneficial for families

or caregivers who are desiring a temporary break from the routine of caregiving daily


Community Access 

This program allows clients to socialize and become an inclusive part of the larger 

community. The day program is designed to fit each client's specific goals. 

Transition to adulthood support 

This program provides young adults with their preferred targeted services based on

their envisioned goals. Additional services are provided to support young adults’ 

requirements to effectively transition into adulthood.

Locations Served: Alberta-Wide

Ages Served: 12 to 65

Supports/Programs Offered: 

      • Respite
      • Living Support
      • Supportive Roommate
      • Adult Relief Service
      • Community Access
      • Transition to adulthood support

Meet Our Team

      Omolara Koleoso
      VP Operations
      Email:  larak@canadiancompanion.org

       Lola Akinfenwa
       Head of Client Service
       Email:  lolaa@canadiancompanion.org


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