About Us

Bridging Abilities focus on growth and connection with our families and
communities through the following values:

- Bridge healthy connections with families, service providers and the 

- Empower independence and self-sufficiency. 

- Acknowledgement and awareness of the importance of diversity in
  people’s lives. 

- Passion and strong desire to make people’s lives better.

Locations Served: Calgary

Ages Served: 3 to 40 year

Areas of Service: 

    • Preschool and Early Intervention Services and Supports
    • Resources and Information

Supports/Programs Offered: 

  • Specialized Services 
  • Behavioural Developmental Services 
  • Mental Health Services 
  • Speech Language Therapy

Meet Our Team

John Marquina

      John Marquina
      Behavioural Consultant
      Email: johncedric.marquina11@gmail.com

Noelle Lee

       Noelle Lee
       Clinical Director
       Email: bridgingabilitiesinc@gmail.com


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  • Connect With Us

    Agency Website: https://bridgingabilities.ca

    Agency Phone: (587) 893-2320

    Email:  bridgingabilitiesinc@gmail.com