About Us

Alpine Psychology is a community mental health practice that offers

assessment and counselling services. We also offer FSCD-based rates

of $110/session for families and children accessing BDS and SPPP 

hours, or general counselling hours through their FSCD contracts. Direct

billing is also available through FSCD. Assessments cover learning 

disorders, giftedness, and ADHD. We also have therapists that can 

understand and speak varying degrees of Cantonese. Please note we 

do not offer in-home services. 

Alpine also offers general counselling services for individuals, couples, 

families, and children, and addressing several different areas, such as 

depression, anxiety, self-esteem, communication, separation, trauma, 

LGBTQ2S+ related issues, immigration, stress, and many others.

Locations Served: Calgary

Ages Served: 3 years+

Areas of Service: Preschool and Early Intervention Services and Supports

     Resources and Information

Supports/Programs Offered: 

- Counselling services (including behavioural strategies, parenting    

   tools, psychoeducation

- Assessment services

Meet Our Team

Jeremy Luk

      Jeremy Luk
      Email: hello@alpinepsychology.com

John Pynn

          Jeremy Luk

          Email: john.pynn@alpinepsychology.com

Phone: (825) 449-7463


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